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11 Hidden Windows 10 Tips, Tricks & Hacks That You Should Know

An easy-to-use cloud-based maintenance management software platform for any size of business that helps you link all aspects of your management processes—from scheduled maintenance and work orders, to parts inventory and purchasing functions. IExplorer by Macroplant LLC is designed to transfer data between Apple devices and computer (macOS and Windows). It will also delete temporary files for other programs — CCleaner alone does much more than these PC cleaning apps do. Windows 8 didn’t excite the users of touch-based laptops as the touchscreen experience looked half-baked. It is used in various programs (e.g. The PCI Utilities) to display full human-readable names instead of cryptic numeric codes.

In this guide, we have measured the RAM and CPU usage of some of the most popular applications, as well as alternative lightweight programs for Windows, which could improve our PC experience. Operator10 is the solution to your top water data management concerns. There are many minor features, including the ability to filter out Microsoft-signed programs, a quick way to jump to folders holding autostarting programs, and a command-line version that lets you display file hashes.

Click Change PC Settings to display the PC Settings page, then click PC & Devices in the left column. Google Drive gives you up to 15GB to play with, and itвЂs similarly easy to synchronize files to your laptop or desktop and work on them offline. You can search right from the taskbar, and a variety of results will appear for either a web search or the app store. DriverDoc safely downloads and updates PC drivers for all Windows OS back to XP Source. Note that scanning begins automatically each time a program starts, and even right after installation.

This can be a program to change wallpapers automatically, total conversions, or other programs that let you modify the look of a Windows operating system. With relatively low prices and a simplified free version, Screencast-Matic is marketed to compete with free screen recording software for educators and businesses. Some longtime Wunderlist users might want to stick with that application, even though Microsoft plans to shut it down at some point.

PDFTK Builder is a free graphical interface version of PDFTK to merge, split, decrypt, encrypt, watermark PDF files. The SkyDrive app gives you access to the Microsoft cloud service for storing photos, documents, and other files in a cloud and access or share those files easier. If for some reason the High Performance” option is not available to you, you can select the option to create a custom power plan and turn all options to maximum power.

Starting on version 0.9.9.z.25, reboot is not needed anymore in Windows 10 machine. Developed by audio software and hardware giant Steinberg, Cubase is one of the most popular electronic music production workstations for PC. Launched in 1989 for the Atari ST computer, it’s also one of the oldest DAW brands on the market. The fly in the ointment: Only a limited number of apps work with Timeline currently, though Microsoft offers tools for developers to bake in support.

As such, it serves as an important program for recording gameplay on the screen and sharing this with your friends on online platforms. If you want to add a shortcut to one of your own folders to the Start menu, find it in an Explorer window, right-click it and select Pin to Start. When you buy a new laptop and itвЂs loaded with bloatware—or youвЂre concerned about the amount of seemingly unnecessary programs on the Windows system youвЂve been using for some time—install The PC Decrapifier This incredibly useful utility will give you recommendations, based on other users†experiences, about which items you should keep and which items you should trash.

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